How to Fix Electric Bike Error Codes? [Quick Solutions In 2022]

A battery-powered electric bike has software that calibrates the mechanical sensors inside out. If a sensor malfunction or doesn’t calibrate properly, interrupted connections will show error codes on the screen.

Finding an error message on the E-bike screen can be annoying, especially when you are about to go on a ride.

But what causes electric bike error codes? Most of the errors may pop up because of not booting properly. If rebooting the system doesn’t work, try restarting the battery, reinstalling it, and checking the contact pins. A missing magnet can also show an error message on the screen.

Today, I will show you how to fix electric bike error codes quickly and easily. I have also included a fast error solving tip so that you can have a fix in just 10 minutes. Read more below.

Fixing the E-Bike Error Codes In 5-10 Mins

These tips won’t take a whole day and are straightforward steps. Hopefully, your e-bike error codes will disappear from the display screen.

Fixing the E-Bike Error Codes

  • Try switching the e-bike off and wait for a few seconds.
  • Readjust the battery, stick the charger in and reboot the bike.
  • View the contact pins and see whether one is missing or not.
  • A twisted or missing spoke magnet could cause malfunction as well. Try readjusting it as well.
  • Reboot the battery by holding the battery power switch for 10 seconds.

Note: If your errors don’t end there, check out the solutions below.

Most Common Electric Bike Error

No matter what brand of e-bike you use, code errors aren’t good for the user experience. Here are some common errors for an e-bike:

Throttle response error

Rule of the thumb, don’t pull back the throttle cable without slowing down first. Most people may forget that, which makes the throttle cable loose and damaged. As a result, one may find abnormalities in the throttle response.

Sensor error (Speed, torque, battery, temperature, etc.)

When you overuse the e-bike, any of the sensors may get damaged. These sensors may include speed, temperature, battery, and so on. Additionally, overuse may lead to dust formation inside the sensors that leads to error messages on the screen.

You can reboot the bike and readjust all the faulty cable connections. If you see no benefit, contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

Damaged battery

E-bikes use li-ion batteries as their powerhouse. Like all Li-ion batteries, the ones used in e-bikes also degrade about 20 per cent per year.

Damaged battery

A low battery message may pop up on the screen, and your bike may stop working. On the other hand, a faulty battery may show an overvoltage protection message. Check the pins of the battery house and don’t use an incorrect battery.

Note: If the battery isn’t working, there could be other reasons. Be sure to check every aspect before going for a new battery.

The bike won’t start/turn on

If the bike has a faulty circuit connection, it won’t even turn on. You can check the battery housing pins and readjust the battery. Reboot the battery and check for any faulty connecting wires. An incomplete circuit won’t let your bike start, even for a second.

Communication from hardware to software

The e-bike firmware builds a connection between the hardware and the software. When the software can’t read the hardware settings, you end up with an error message. Sometimes it is the faulty cables, and sometimes it’s the drives.

You can correct the cable position if the cables are off-balance. However, you need to contact the manufacturer for any driver-related problems.

Jammed motor

If your bike shows an activation message but doesn’t start, it may cause a jammed motor. Generally, a motor error will put your bike into safe mode.

Turns out, this message will also show up when the display can’t detect a motor. You need to search for professional help for this problem.

How To Fix Error Codes: All Code List And Fixes

Electric Bike Error Codes

Error codes

Cause location

How to fix error


Throttle won't go back

When the e-bike system doesn’t allow the throttle to go back. To fix it, make sure to release the throttle, reboot, and try again.


Faulty Throttle

When you see the code-2, a faulty or damaged throttle is to blame. You need to contact the manufacturer to fix this problem.


Torque and speed

Low torque and speed may be caused due to a jammed motor. Try cleaning the motor. If the problem doesn’t resolve, you need professional help.


Low voltage Protection

With a low voltage, the electric circuit of the e-bike can’t start properly. To avoid damage, it shows a code-4. You need to replace the battery with an original one.


Over voltage Protection

Re-adjust the battery and try to use only an original version.


Hall Sensors Fault

Hall sensors fail to operate properly due to a faulty wire connection. Fix any fired up wire connection.


Over Temperature Protection

Though rare, a faulty battery can overheat quite easily. Try restarting the system or replacing the battery.

Code-8, 9, 28, and 29

Temperature, current, and battery voltage sensor not working

Try contacting the manufacturer for any sort of temperature, current, and voltage sensor errors.


BMS Communication Fault/ Lost frame job

Re-install the battery, check the pins, and reboot the battery. Contact the manufacturer if nothing works.


Driver error (VG undervoltage, overtemperature, overcurrent, undervoltage)

You need to change the battery pack or contact the manufacturer if you have a valid warranty.



Check all the wire connections and reboot the system. These errors generally happen if you frequently face bumpy rides.


PHASEI, PHASEII, and PHASEIII connection error

Readjust the wire connection and reboot.


Component Protection error

Your drivers couldn’t detect the component of the ebike. Try rebooting and adjusting the wires.

Code-26 and 27

1) NVM error params to default

2) NVMI error impossible save errors

When the ebike memory is overloaded or has some bugs, it will frequently shift to the default system parameters. Contact the manufacturer.


Communication Abnormality

This happens when the bike's software can communicate with the internal hardware. Try adjusting all the faulty cables. You can try rebooting the system as well.     


COMM fatal error

Reboot the bike and battery.


Current no speed

Exit the sleep mode and then try again. The motor is locked in this state.

Code-34 and 35

ACC-Voltage error and Sensors 4v3 error

This is a power supply error. Contact the manufacturer.


Lights v error

Check the output light cables and all the wiring. Reboot the bike or call the manufacturer if you don’t see any improvement.

Why My Electric Bike Battery Is Not Working?

First, keep in mind that the usual lifespan of ebike batteries is 2 to 4 years. The electric bike battery may not work if there is a loose cable connection. Try adjusting the cables and rebooting the battery. If your battery shows overvoltage or low voltage problems, you need to change the battery.

How Do You Reset An Electric Bike?

How Do You Reset An Electric Bike

Sometimes, you need to reset the e-bike battery for it to work properly. Follow the steps below:

  • Unmount the battery from the battery house.
  • Make sure you unscrew everything before pulling the battery.
  • Locate the battery on/off button and press for 10-15 seconds.
  • Now just reinstall and enjoy a working battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the error code on my electric bike?

To fix the error code on your bike, try resetting the battery and rebooting the bike. If it doesn’t work, readjust all the wires and try the reboot again. Check for any missing battery horse pins as well. Finally, if nothing works, call the manufacturer for professional help.

What does Error 30 mean on an e-bike?

The error code-30 means that the bike’s software can’t communicate with the hardware. Generally, faulty cables are to blame here. You can try adjusting the cables and rebooting the bike. If nothing works, you need to contact the manufacturer to fix it.

How do I get rid of Bosch error 504?

In a Bosch e-bike, the error 504 reflects an anti-tampering mode. You can try resetting the system through Bosch diagnostic tools. However, if you ride the bike for 90 mins with the paddle, the error will go away.

How do I fix a pedal-assist sensor?

To fix a pedal assist sensor, try to readjust the sensor and clean it. Dust may accumulate and cause it to malfunction. If this doesn’t work, you need to replace the pedal assist sensor with a new one.

Final Verdict

Here we have tried to cover all the general electric bike error codes. However, some manufacturers try to change the error code to something like 401, 504, and so on.

If you face this problem, just comment below, and we will find a way to solve your problem.

In most cases, a simple battery reset and cable adjustment will do the trick. You can also try cleaning all the dust and debris from the bike.

This is all for today. Ride safe and have fun.

Ricky White

I had to struggle to solve different problems back when I got my first ebike. As I pursued my career in it, as a pro ebike technician, now I'm dedicated to help others avoid their struggle with their rides. And that's why I created this blog. Hope it helps you get the right ebike and maintain it well. Happy riding!

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  1. I just bought a new epsilon e bike and a code keeps coming up 155. Seems to shift okay but motor assist will not kick in

    1. Inspect the PAS sensor. The connection might be the culprit. Unplug and plug it in again. Let me know if that works.

    1. Most probably you’re dealing with a faulty throttle. Disconnect and reconnect it to the connector plug. If it stays that way, contact Beecool support ([email protected]) and get the throttle replaced if necessary.

  2. I’m getting a warning sign on my bike which is 132000 can you tell me what it means please it happened twice today out on a ride. tia

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